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White Night 

Accolade's dedication to featuring local artists, including Indigenous Yorta Yorta artists, was instrumental in the success of White Night Shepparton, where the event transformed the regional town into a dynamic center of creativity and cultural expression.


By collaborating with artists from the Yorta Yorta community and other local talents, Accolade showcased the diverse cultural richness of Shepparton, amplifying voices that are often underrepresented in mainstream events. This collaboration fostered a sense of community pride and engagement, as residents and visitors alike had the opportunity to connect with the unique identity and heritage of the town.


The inclusion of Yorta Yorta artists added a deeply authentic and meaningful dimension to White Night Shepparton, resonating with attendees and fostering a greater understanding and appreciation of Indigenous culture and perspectives. This collaborative effort not only celebrated the talents of local artists but also provided them with a platform for recognition and exposure on a broader scale.


Accolade's commitment to featuring indiginious and local talent reflects their recognition of the importance of community involvement and collaboration in creating impactful events. By highlighting the voices and contributions of Yorta Yorta artists and other local talents, Accolade not only contributed to the success of White Night Shepparton but also enriched the cultural fabric of the town, leaving a lasting legacy of unity, diversity, and creativity for years to come.

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